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Today’s makeup is a smoky brown eye, softened with the girliness of a coral pink lip and cheek. What do you guys think?

This is my favourite smoky eye to do, and probably the simplest. It’s a quick way of looking done up without too much effort. I also find it’s the most effective one to apply on the ‘Asian monolid’; the kind where no eyeliner will ever be seen because everything folds over (this is why tightlining is a boon to everyone with Asian eyes).

You only need three things: a brown pencil eyeliner, a brown eyeshadow in around the same shade, and a pencil brush. You can do this with other colours too (I’ve used grey, black and purple). Just don’t forget to tightline for more definition. DSCN3499 copy

Makeup Used

1) I used Laura Mercier Expresso Bean, a soft powdery grey black and filled in my brows with an angled brush
2) I coated a spoolie with Vaseline and then brushed through my brows to hold them into place

1) I used MAC Photogravure, a dark chocolate brown kohl and lined my upper and lower lashline
2) I used MAC Mulch, a satiny red-toned medium brown eyeshadow and, with a pencil brush, blended the eyeliner and shadow together until you got this lovely gradient
3) I used MAC Feline, a white kohl liner, outlined the inner third of my eye and then blended it out to get a subtle highlight
4) I tightlined my eyes with Urban Decay Perversion
5) I used Painted Earth Supercurl mascara on my upper and lower lashes

1) I used the Laneige BB Air Cushion on the face
2) I used The Body Shop Concealer Stick to cover up any remaining redness
3) I used NYX Apricot, a pink coral shade on the cheeks
4) I used MAC Warm Soul, a bronze beige blush on the lower planes of the apple to add a little more depth to the colour

1) I used the Ellena Mineral Cosmetics Illusion Lip and Cheek Cream Colour, a creamy coral pink with a gold sheen on the lips

DSCN3497 copy DSCN3487 copy

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6 Responses to Chocolate

  1. Simple yet beautiful look!! Well done 🙂

  2. Juvy says:

    Lovely! I agree about how easy it is to do, but looks very made up! 😊 I usually use just a shimmery bronze color as a wash and add eyeliner and mascara, or most of the time just eyeliner and mascara when doing errands.

  3. mintymilky says:

    A simple yet pretty look, indeed! 🙂

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