Magical Sunset


I did a really similar look when I first started up my blog, titled it ‘Sunset and Blushes‘ (look, my standards for naming looks has gone up in comparison). Actually, I’ve pretty much reused all the same eyeshadow colours. Most my sunset looks are orange, yellow and bronze, courtesy of the Sleek iDivine Sunset Palette. This one has pink in it. 

So yeah, old look, trying to make it look a little better. I wish I blended it more before I rushed out of the house. Also used a lot more blush (somehow ended up looking with very chiseled cheekbones after, my sister kept saying that my face looked very thin) and a milder coral lipstick. MAC Ravishing is so wonderful for subtly brightening up the lips.

I was in a hurry so didn’t take too many photos and most of them didn’t end up too good. 


Ohmigod, I have cheekbones! And I didn’t even put in any contour shade, it’s just the one blush!

Makeup Used:

1) Using a clean finger, I applied Maybelline Fierce and Tangy 24 Hour Eye Tattoo, a matte yellow orange cream all over the lid
2) Taking a pencil brush, I used Urban Decay Magic, a lavender pink with goldish sheen and applied this to the inner third of the eye
3) I took the darkest brown shade, a cool toned wood brown from the Painted Earth Bronze Complete Face Palette and applied this to the outer third of the eye
4) I used MAC Mulch, a satin medium dark brown with gold undertones and applied this to the crease
5) I used Urban Decay Aura, a pink iridescent colour in the inner third of the eye for a little highlight
6) I used Urban Decay Oz, a cool-toned gold shimmer on the middle of the lid for more dimension
7) I used the Makeup Forever Gypsy eyeliner, a warm reddish brown eyeliner on the upper and lower lashlines
8) I used the Painted Earth SuperCurl mascara for the upper and lower lashes

1) I used the Happy Skin Second Skin Creme Foundation all over the face
2) I then applied the blush from the Painted Earth Complete Face Palette, a beautiful dusky pink shade with gold shimmer on the cheeks
3) I set everything with Guerlain UV Shield, a translucent powder

1) I used MAC Ravishing, a creamy orange coral colour that brightens up the lips


Tada! What do you guys think? I rather like the colour combination on the lids.

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2 Responses to Magical Sunset

  1. tanicr says:

    Those colors looks great on you! Love it! Xx

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