Hauls! Innis Free and Ninos Felices

I talked about my haul from Hong Kong last week, where I basically bought a bunch of things from Laneige, and received a bunch of samples too, like the Laneige Light Power Essential Skin Refiner, which is basically becoming my favourite toner (it’s light and leaves the skin so clean and moisturized, none of this drying astringent nonsense alcohol-filled toners leave). I’m still a long way off from doing the Korean twelve-step skincare routine (I’m currently on a six-step thing, and haven’t even started on serums or essentials) but I’m going to acclimatize my skin and slowly add on steps as I deem fit.


I went in and purchased the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye Cream for $33 (my first eye cream, we’ll see whether it helps decrease puffiness or not) and the Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask for $21. I used to use the Kiehls Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Mask, and have been using the occasional sheet mask from Sephora since, but the two are nowhere near the same thing (the first is meant to cleanse and extract, sheet masks are meant to transfer serum equivalents into your skin.)

Also received many freebies, including green tea seed serum (1ml), green tea seed cream (1ml) a first year anniversary mask kit that contains four sheet masks (green tea, aloe, cucumber, rose, manuka honey), wine peeling jelly softener (4ml) and a camellia essential hair trial kit containing camellia essential shampoo (30ml), hair conditioner (30ml) and hair serum (15ml). All in all a very successful haul.

I expect to write about my 2014 skincare journey soon! I’ve been trying so many things and most of the year has been spent battling acne, and I cannot tell you how much of a relief it is to finally see a light at the end of this journey. I expect a part one talking about the various things I tried on my own and the trip to the dermatologist, and part two to be about the new skincare regime. I don’t expect part two to be up until I’m at least a month in on this regime though, to at least safely say i can vouch for it.

On Sunday, after seeing the boyfriend off, I wandered into Haji Lane while walking towards the train station. Haji Lane is this place in Singapore that’s turned into a bit of a hipster area, filled with cafes and boutiques. I was hoping to visit the VainGloriousYou boutique, but it was closed. I wandered into various shops and stumbled into Ninos Felices, #01/02-44 Haji Lane 

The first floor is menswear, the second floor contains the women’s clothing. I managed to pick out some gems!


Ended up buying this dress. Can’t wait to use it for debate tournaments and presentations, it’s such an adorable piece! IMG-20141109-WA0002

I really liked this shirt dress actually, like some kind of peppy thing without wearing actual layers. Could only afford one piece though, and I thought the first dress was more unique so I went with that.

I liked that the dresses were made of higher quality fabrics too! Cheap materials just make me so mad…

Anyway, loved the store, great packaging, great service, and great items too.


Salesgirl wrapped my dress in pink tissue, and placed it into this cool little paper package. I love it!


Here I was bending over to take a photo of a snail, but then realised that my camera was set to selfie mode. Decided to take a selfie since the snail wasn’t going to run away any time soon.

Overall, was a fun weekend, and much needed break. How did yours go?

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5 Responses to Hauls! Innis Free and Ninos Felices

  1. Maria B says:

    I love the outfits you picked! 12 step skincare? I barely keep up with moisturising daily, I feel it’s such a chore o.O

  2. sharanaway says:

    can’t wait for your skin care post ): time to do smtn more than just moisturize as and when I remember

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