Product Rave: Laneige 6-in-1 BB Cushion


I raved about the Laneige 6-in-1 BB Cushion in a previous post, and have also been continuously raving about it on various blog and Instagram posts, so much so that a friend of mine purchased it from Laneige even before I sat down to write a proper review.

I had purchased this beauty at Changi Airport Terminal 2 for SGD53 (hooray for duty free shopping). It is usually SGD58 in shops. This will get you a compact with a refill and second BB puff. It is 15g (x2), or 0.5oz (x2). This is not a lot of product. For reference, the Bobbi Brown BB Cream is SGD60, and contains 40ml or 1.35oz of product. Despite this, I will continue to recommend the BB Cushion, for a number of reasons. I mean, throughout the week I was overseas, I didn’t touch my Happy Skin SS Creme once, and the SS Creme has been my HG foundation since I got hold of it. I cannot stress how incredible this development is, and how amazing this foundation is to be able to top that.

Laneige claims that the BB Cushion is “A new-concept cushion-type whitening BB for 6 effects (Whitening + Moisturizing + Sunscreen + Water resistant + Soothing + Makeup Effects)”. It has SPF50+ PA+++, giving you excellent protection against the sun. Let’s break this down.

So I once talked about BB creams, and how the major difference between Asian BB creams and Western ones is the whitening effect Asian BB creams have.

Boy was I wrong. 

Western makeup brands can tout their idea of ‘skincare makeup’ all they want, but after using foundations from brands like Happy Skin and Laneige, I’m sorry, brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown just aren’t anywhere near that standard. Maybe Painted Earth can compete, but even Jane Iredale (which claims to be a skincare brand) continues to put silicon within their makeup, and the SPF protection is nowhere near the same level.

Not to mention that the smell and texture of the BB Cushion is incredible. My Jane Iredale BB Cream has got this somewhat thick gross balmy texture due to all the silicon in it, which is why I’m not that big a fan of it. The Bobbi Brown BB Cream is fairly lightweight on the skin, but has a sunblock-type smell I don’t particularly like either. The Laneige BB Cushion on the other hand, feels so light and comfortable. The liquid always feels cool, and soothes the skin as you pat it on. It also helps that it smells, like all the Laneige products I’ve been using, absolutely lovely; some kind of aqueous scent that’s just fresh and relaxing.

It also lives up to the moisturizing claims. My skin’s been feeling dry from the retinoid cream I’ve been using on it, and definitely feels much less abused now.

I haven’t actively tested the water resistance, but it definitely doesn’t clump up the way your usual cream foundations would when you sweat, nor does it just run when you wash your face.

And the way it looks on the skin! Just note, whenever an Asian brand claims ‘whitening’ effects, it’s not about making you Casper pale which might scare some people away. ‘Whitening’ is about increasing the overall translucency of your skin so you look fairer, yes, but brighter and healthier too. The coverage is excellent and immediately brightens up my dark eye circles, and covers the redness of my blemishes quite easily. So while it doesn’t come with a lot of product, you don’t need a lot of product either.



Just look at how fresh and glowy my skin is! Yes, I look whiter, but not unnaturally so, and it’s the brightening effect that really amazes me. My skin looks so much less sallow with this on! 

It doesn’t oxidize on me either (always a problem with liquid foundations in hot humid Singapore) and my skin still looks fantastic more than twelve hours after application. I wore this all day without touching up, and at a hot humid debate tournament with broken down air conditioning, without it aggravating my acne or adding any more to the collection.

In short, this foundation is amazing.

Judging by the reviews online though, some people seem to have trouble with application. I copied Michelle Phan’s motion in one of her makeup videos where she used a BB Cushion, and instead of trying to buff it in the skin with the cushion, what you want to do is gently press it in, and dab it on. The puff isn’t a beauty blender or a Kabuki brush!

DSCN3057 DSCN3058

I really appreciate how the puff isn’t just placed inside of the compact, which can lead to bacterial transfer. Some brands just stick a thin sheet of plastic between the puff and product which I hate. 

If you’re starting to feel you’re running low on liquid (like it doesn’t come up as easily when you press the puff in) store the product upside down for a bit to let the product at the bottom seep through the sponge in the container. Or just take out that sponge and flip it upside down.

Also just so you know how to clean your puff, I thought this video was tremendously helpful the first time I was trying to clean it. The dude basically advises against using shampoo (I usually use an anti-dandruff shampoo for my makeup brushes for its anti-fungal effects) and says a bar soap is the most effective way to remove it. It’s true.

The compact is a little large, which makes carrying it around a bit of a hassle, but given how easy it is to apply and touch up, I don’t think it’s that much of a problem.


Yeah… It’s a fairly hefty compact. At least it doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap in your hands, the plastic is fairly solid. 

The only real problem with this is, as with all Korean makeup products, is the limited shade range. At least it doesn’t just come in ‘Light’ and ‘Lighter’ the way most BB creams do, and has five shades. I’m on Shade #21, and am usually NC20 at MAC for reference.

Laneige is also doing some anniversary promotion at the moment, so do head down to a store now if you intend to buy it any time soon! My friend received various skincare samples and a lip palette as a freebie with her purchase.

Cost: SGD58 (about SGD53 when you get it at duty free)
Does it work: Skin protection, cooling, moisturizing, covers the blemishes and mildly water resistant, yes. Also gives a gorgeous lit-from-within kind of glow.
Would I recommend it: Yes yes yes. I’m sorry darker skinned beauties might have to give this a miss though because of limited shade options. =( I’d recommend that you get this swatched in a shop before your purchase it though because I don’t trust the website’s descriptions on the shades.

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11 Responses to Product Rave: Laneige 6-in-1 BB Cushion

  1. Juvy says:

    I am eyeing this at Luxola. Maybe when there’s a big sale! Hope it will still be in stock. I am curious about the Cushion rage. Hehe. 🙂

    Your review is super detailed. I am gonna try to check my shade though because I am a brown biscuit. haha. 🙂

  2. Carina says:

    Ahhh I’ve been itching to try cushions, esp. when I was in Korea, but all the shades just seem too white on me. I’m so jellyyyy haha but very happy for ya 🙂

    • natziwang says:

      I feel like an evil temptress here, but actuaaaaaally Laneige seems to have a pretty decent skin range. I have friends who are your skin tone and darker who have bought it and they say it works well for them. You can try shades #23 and #31. =D

  3. Jamie Lim says:

    Hi there! does this cause you to breakout? Wanted very much to get the ss/zz cream from happy skin but the shipping fee is quite ex so Im considering this right now. Thanks in advance for your advice!
    P/S I have acne-prone skin

    • natziwang says:

      If you’re allergic to silicon and don’t have any deep cleansing thing to your skincare routine (like a Clarisonic) I’ll recommend the ZZ Cream over this. Yes the shipping costs breaks my heart.

      • Jamie Lim says:

        wow thanks for the swift reply!
        alright noted! i dont have any deep cleansing tool so probably gonna consider getting the zz cream. think this and the zz cream are your holy grail but do you have any other recommendations heh that are available in sg readily and dosent cause you to breakout?

      • natziwang says:

        I’m currently obsessed with the Bobbi Brown foundation stick! It gives a perfect finish and hadn’t broken me out yet

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