First Catalogue Shoot!

So I mentioned being in a three hour shoot in my last skincare post. Some of the photos are out!


We shot for three hours, so this is only one of the collections the blogshop is releasing. This is the ‘All About the Tops Collection‘ from Shop Fleurdelis. It’s my roommate’s blogshop, so I was modeling partly as a favour for her, and partly to gain some experience.

The clothes I modeled in are of great quality! They were all of great non sheer fabrics (unless the fabric was meant to be sheer) and were a pleasure to wear. I highly recommend this shop if you’re looking to buy quality clothing online. Photographs were taken by Nicole, who was incredibly enthusiastic and so pleasant to work with.

This is, as the title states, my first catalogue shoot. I’ve been doing mostly emotive portraits (like this shoot), so a catalogue shot is really different. For one, you have to wear a bajillion clothes in the span of three hours so you have to get really fast at changing and be really efficient at posing. It took me a while to figure out how to pose and move, and since the studio didn’t have any mirrors, I had to really trust the photographer and review the photos she took as we went along to figure out what I was doing right and wrong.

With all these shoots, I feel like I should do up a post for studio makeup. What do you think?

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