Christmas Lights

So if you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I cut my hair a while back.


I was fortunate enough to work with Alvin from Lyricalight for a photoshoot last week. He does the most beautiful photographs and experiments with all sorts of effects on photoshop. Do check out his work, it’s amazing.

For this shoot, we were playing around with Christmas lights. The point was to get a customizable bokeh effect, so you see butterflies and hearts in some of the photographs.
K78C9080Like this.

For the makeup, I went with gold shimmer and matte browns on the eyes, thick defined liner, contoured cheeks and a glossy red lip for this one. It’s very much in line with the holiday spirit. Check out my Facebook page for more photographs.


Cape from Young Hungry Free.
Dress from UNIF.
Black stockings from Marks & Spencer

Happy holidays you all! Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope the Christmas lights look magical in your area.

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6 Responses to Christmas Lights

  1. Juvy says:

    So festive and… you are so pretty!

  2. Amber T. says:

    These pictures are gorgeous! And I love the haircut.

  3. Maria B says:

    That cape is soooo pretty!!! ❤ Happy New Year Nat! xx

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