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Turquoise Liner

Today’s makeup! I’m doing makeup for a drama production this weekend, so I’m coming back each night and spending twenty minutes washing up all my makeup brushes. When I wake up the next morning, I don’t have the time to … Continue reading

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An Attempted Orange Lip

Today was one of the days where photographs just didn’t turn out very well. Hair is frizzy and most photos are blurry so the ones I picked out that were clear have bizarre facial expressions. Key word being ‘attempted’. I … Continue reading

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Jaggu Inspired

For one of my classes in school, I had to watch the Bollywood movie ‘PK‘ and write a movie review about it. It’s a pretty decent film, I recommend everyone checks it out. Anyway, the lead actress for the film … Continue reading

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2015 Wishlist

Because I am going to be very careful with my spending in the next year. Really. MAKEUP I first want the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I have to complete my collection after all. Heh. But I realise that I have … Continue reading

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Classic Chic

Well it would be if I could get my hair into a ballerina bun and did some major contouring. =( I should have added more eyeliner to my upper lashline and smudged it out a little more, but I had … Continue reading

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Beginner Basics: Eyeliner

Image from here Ah, eyeliner. The staple of all makeup stashes. If you’re just venturing into makeup, you’re probably confused about the huge range of eyeliners there are out there. Pencil, kohl, gel, liquid, and all the different finishes and … Continue reading

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Bold Lip

A friend recently commented that I wasn’t doing colourful looks very much anymore, so I decided to change that. Expect more bright bold lips in the next few days. I rarely do a single all-over-lid colour, but this is when … Continue reading

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