Old Gold


I actually meant this to be a one eyeshadow look, and only meant to use UD Tease. Accidentally dipped my brush in Chopper (which is right next to Tease in the palette) and applied this on my eye without realising. Matte eyeshadow look becomes sparkly. D= I need to stop these makeup accidents. The lip looks a little patchy, but I actually like how it looks in real life; pale, but not quite washed out.

A friend commented that I was doing a lot less colourful looks these days, and do a lot more neturals instead. I think it’s partly the 10am classes, and partly the fact that I’m going through a neutrals phase right now, and since I was going through a vampy lip phase a couple of months back it shouldn’t be long before I’m back to colourful eyeshadow. Meanwhile, do leave in the comments what kind of colours you’d like to see me wear!


Ah, my camera on macro mode. It captures everything. EVERYTHING. But just look at the amazing sheen of the highlighter on my cheekbone. 

Makeup used

1) I applied Urban Decay Tease (matte taupe) on the lid of the eye
2) I then used Urban Decay Chopper (shimmery red-tone copper) on the crease
3) MAC Blacktrack (matte black gel liner) to line the upper lashline
4) Tarte lights,camera, lashes mascara on the upper lashes

1) I used the Happy Skin ZZ Cream Foundation for my base
2) I used MAC Soft and Gentle (champagne shimmer) on the cheeks
3) I then used Benefit Sugarbomb (glowy plum peach) to contour my face 

1) I first used OCC Clockwork (burnt orange cream)
2) After blotting, I applied OCC Triptych (metallic gold) on top


Also went shopping. Bought cheap belts (I wear these until they wear out after a year, then buy new ones) because my old ones have mysteriously disappeared somewhere in the cavernous depths of my home I had to replace them when I realised the other day that I was trying to wear a dress and absolutely needed a white belt with it so I had to go buy new ones. =(

I bought lashes for an upcoming photoshoot. I also discovered these paper falsies that look just like the one Jennifer Lawrence wears at the end of Hunger Games (the first movie). It looks like she has butterflies at the ends of her eyelashes, and I couldn’t resist buying them.


Couldn’t find a clear enough screenshot from the movie, so the image is from someone else trying to recreate the look.

Also while searching for the above image, I found this fantastic blogpost, from the falsies company that supplied the Hunger Games: Catching Fire makeup team with falsies. =O Have a look at it here.

Have a good week everyone. And please pray for my wallet, that I don’t spend money on any more things. D=

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3 Responses to Old Gold

  1. Maria B says:

    Oh of course you are wearing neutrals to class, I love them anyway ^_^ xx

  2. Juvy says:

    I prayed for your wallet. Haha! Would love to see Marsala-themed look! 😀

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