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Cinderella Inspired

Today’s makeup is inspired by the upcoming live action remake of Cinderella. I know MAC has released a (rather disappointing) collection for this, in shades of all sorts of pastels and nudes that didn’t even really replicate how Lily James … Continue reading

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Another Snow White

I really can’t seem to steer away from these Snow White inspired looks, can I? I suppose it’s because they’re fairly simple to carry out – hair as dark as coal, lips as red as blood and skin as white … Continue reading

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No Brush Makeup Tutorial

Please please please watch this in HD.  It’s been something like 10 months, but I’ve finally done up another makeup video. Still stuck with my laptop’s webcam, which is pretty terrible, but I treated this as an exercise in editing. … Continue reading

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The Korean Skincare Regime Explained

Products I use regularly in my skincare regime. Not pictured here: Body lotions, facial wash, cleansing oil, and my Clarisonic. So in my post about my Korean skincare regime, I gave a general overview of I was doing, as well … Continue reading

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CNY Makeup Tips

For those of you who don’t know, Chinese New Year begins tomorrow. The feasting begins tonight with reunion dinner, where the entire family (and some of the extended bunch) will meet and dig into a lot of food. Lo Hei … Continue reading

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Update: On Brows and Hair

Um. So. I haven’t done one of these updatey real blog posts now (as opposed to a tutorial or look). If you are Facebook friends with me you might have heard of the disastrous brow threading I underwent yesterday. I … Continue reading

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Beginner Basics: Brows

So this post has been sitting in my drafts folder for a while because I’ve been too lazy to go search for the images (content was more or less done though). And then yesterday I got my eyebrows threaded and … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day 2015

Ah Valentine’s Day. Love it or hate it, it doesn’t cost me anything to do a Valentine’s Day themed makeup. I rarely pull out the pinks because I don’t like saccherineness (but then am always pleasantly surprised at how pretty … Continue reading

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She’s a Funny Girl That Belle

This one was inspired by the character Belle, from the TV series ‘Once Upon a Time’. A friend found a poster of a photoshopped Emma Watson as Belle in Disney’s next live action film. To me though, Emile de Ravin … Continue reading

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Not All That Golden

Today’s one of those days where I had no idea what my makeup was going to look like before I put it on. I had actually woken up late, and was intending to just slick on some eyeliner, and a … Continue reading

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