Update: On Brows and Hair

Um. So. I haven’t done one of these updatey real blog posts now (as opposed to a tutorial or look).

If you are Facebook friends with me you might have heard of the disastrous brow threading I underwent yesterday.

I usually pluck my brows on my own but I decided to go the extra step and get them neatened up for Chinese New Year. The shop (which was this chain of Indian threading services that a few friends had recommended) was packed with Chinese ladies doing their brows for Chinese New Year, the women doing the threading had beautiful thick brows and I was sure I had come to the right place. I told the woman threading my brows I didn’t want them too thick. She ripped them right off, didn’t hand me a mirror, didn’t let me know what she was doing.


I hate it. I hate it so much. My eyes look puffy and I look permanently angry. The baldish spot on my right brow is more obvious than ever without makeup.

As a friend said, they’re not badly done, the craftsmanship is undeniably there and I can think of plenty of other girls who’d want their brows done like this. But I love my full thick straight brows, even if they are a bit on the shaggy side. I’d resisted the urge to trim them for ages, I groomed them with a bit of Vaseline and mascara. It took me years to be comfortable with my brows, I’ve been sensitive about them for the longest time. I never knew I could be so upset about something done to my face (like I shrug off bad haircuts and just wait for them to grow out, and just chided myself for trusting my face to bad makeup artists when I was a teenager) but I almost felt like crying as I walked out of the shop. I was just staring at these Buzzfeed articles of people with perfectly groomed brows last night and couldn’t will myself to leave the bed.

DSCN4115 copy I miss my brows so much.

So it looks like I’ll be embarking on a long period of experimentations where I’ll try to get my brows in a way I like them.

Today’s thing was a bit of a failure. I tried eyeshadow (Laura Mercier Expresso Ink to be specific) on an angled liner brush and tried to draw in individual brow hairs to make my brows look straighter. Nope it doesn’t work. You just can’t when there isn’t any hair in that area, it’s too obviously powder. I’ll have to try with a brown liquid liner brush to draw in individual brow hairs but who has time for that? D= I’m hoping this will get easier as it grows out, and the edges of the brow becomes a lot less stark.


Brow after it has been filled in. 

Anyway. On less depressing news.

I’ve dyed my hair with a box dye picked up at the supermarket. It’s almost impossible to see this on the camera, but under the sun you can see the how I now have very subtle warm brown highlights, as opposed to the stark black it was before. I plan to go lighter over the next few months (a box of Liese Creamy Bubble Color in Cassis Berry which costs SGD16.90 at Wattsons. It’s so easy to apply and works really well.) I plan to keep lightening them until I get to a rose brown kind of a shade.


I think I’m going to be spending a lot of time with my fringe in my face for the next few months.


Also I stopped by a bazaar that was happening in school and picked these up (heavily discounted too). I’ve heard good things about the eos lipbalm (bought mine in pomegranate and raspberry) and took a gamble with the brow tint from Australis. Checked reviews when I got back to my computer and it was really pretty.

– – –

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8 Responses to Update: On Brows and Hair

  1. Matromao says:

    I had my brows waxed the very first time last year, and I very specifically indicated what I wanted to the lady who did it. I basically requested to “please, oh, please” keep the thickness there and just maybe coax out a shape. Thank goodness it turned out okay, but I’ve had my fair share of salon artists suddenly whipping out razor blades and shave-shave-shaving away too much. They worked quick, and I could hardly protest. I feel your pain.

  2. Juvy says:

    I haven’t tried having my eyebrows done because my eyebrows are already overplucked, and the tails are missing. (huhu!) but I feel your pain there. On a lighter note, I am pretty sure you’ll find a way to make it work! 😀

  3. Sorry to hear. Avoid threading for 3 months and they’ll grow out again 😊


  4. Olivia says:

    Honestly they don’t look bad by any means, but I totally get what you mean about liking them a certain way and having people just NOT. LISTEN. Maybe best to do your own from now on? I’d never let another human touch my brows, haha 🙂

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