CNY Makeup Tips

For those of you who don’t know, Chinese New Year begins tomorrow. The feasting begins tonight with reunion dinner, where the entire family (and some of the extended bunch) will meet and dig into a lot of food.


Lo Hei time. 

My makeup changes a lot for my family events. I rarely see my extended family, and they probably still think I’m twelve or something, so I put away the blue eyeliner and green eyeshadow for these occasions.

This year I’m going to go with light gold tones (yay gold auspicious colour) for the eyes so Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Palette it is. I’m planning to go with lots of highlight but very little blush so I’m using the Benefit Gogo TropiCoral Lip & Cheek Kit for the Benefit Coralista blush and Benefit High Beam highlighter. The lips are going to be very soft and pink (OCC Electric Grandma and Sephora Infinite Rose Lip Cream pictured below, both of which are really long wearing).



A few basic things to note. You just want everything to be as long lasting as possible, and to be low maintenance. You also want to carry as few products as possible (so no brushes for your loose powder compacts) because chances are you have a cute purse to match your new outfit. 

USE CREAM/LIQUID FOUNDATIONS. Like your BB Cream. The weather’s turned ridiculously hot lately, so you want something long lasting as you go around visiting. The beauty to cream/liquid foundations (like Happy Skin’s ZZ Cream Foundation) is that when you sweat, you can massage the product back into your skin. When you sweat off powder makeup, it tends to look all patchy and you can’t touch it up easily.

CREAM, NOT POWDER BLUSH. For the same reasons. Cream products are just so much easier to touch up because you can use your fingers, and the massaging product into your skin after it’s melted off trick also works for blush. 

You will be eating a lot as you go around visiting (yes, you will be don’t even pretend you can go on a diet when you see all the goodies, and not to mention the various family meals that will happen and your relatives will be all hurt if you don’t eat their special dishes). You don’t want to be worried about your deep purple lipstick slipping and smearing as you go around, so I suggest taking a light lip colour (think pink, nudes and corals) and go with nice eye makeup. A really simple but still dressy looking eye would be to pat a shimmery gold eyeshadow (like Urban Decay Half-Baked) and then adding black eyeliner and mascara.


Image from here. Feel free to reduce the amount of shadow on the lid if the above picture is a bit much for you though. 


(or fuchsia, or tangerine or any other colour)  make sure you get a long lasting formula. Mattes like MAC Ruby Woo and liquid lipsticks like Sephora Always Red Cream Lip Cream tend to last longer as they cling to your lips (unlike creams which have a lot of slip). You don’t want an uneven faded lip as you greet your relatives. Take the time to do a lip liner, and carry a lip brush around with you.


Image from here.


Image from here. Orange is another fantastic colour you can pick that’s different from the usual reds. 

That’s about it from me! 新年快乐 all, and have fun.

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6 Responses to CNY Makeup Tips

  1. Bree says:

    Haha good point about the lips, I wouldn’t even bother with lipstick at all!

  2. Matromao says:

    Had no idea it was already the eve of Chinese New Year, if I wasn’t told this morning that there would be a family dinner with extended relatives. :)) (Someone calls it Chinese Christmas here. Hmm…)

  3. 1reddiva83 says:

    That orange lip is awesome. Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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