3 Day Red Lips Challenge: Day 2

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Do you ever wonder what that shine on my face is? It’s not oil. It’s sweat, if that’s any better. The weather has been so warm lately and my room isn’t air conditioned. D= 

As the title states, today is Day 2 of the #3dayredlipschallenge. I’m collaborating with Maria from www.glowmeaway.blogspot.sg. Do check out her posts and her Instagram account, she’s awesome!

As I said in the last post, I’m doing looks to break the perception tgat red lips are only meant for glamourous evening looks. After all, why should a whole range of colours be restricted only for special occasions? (Answer: It shouldn’t.)

Today’s look was 90s grunge inspired inspired. People always think of red as a chic, classic glamorous color, but red browns and wines are always good for a darker grittier look. Angst is the best accessory for this lip color.

I used a mix of OCC Starling and MAC Viva Glam I, both of which are beautiful shades I have been neglecting (this seems to be the unfortunate description for the bulk of my lipstick shades). I paired it with smoldering black eyes, and kept my cheeks bare. (It’s actually killing me to keep my cheeks bare, I so desperately want to add blush and give some life to my cheeks but that’d be breaking character.) Now if only I had a fake facial piercing somewhere.

I think the beauty to grunge looks is that they’re meant to look messy and imprecise. I mean this was a makeup look applied by teenage girls (who unlike teenage girls today, don’t have access to YouTube makeup tutorials) in the comfort of their bedrooms.This is great for me because I had a 9am class this morning and it is so very painful to have to wake up that early in the morning. There was also no time to redo my makeup, I definitely messed up the eyes.

Grunge looks are best paired with plaid shirts, black stockings and boots. The only plaid I own is a jacket though, and the weather is too hot right now, so I’m sticking to a black T-shirt, jeans and my UNIF Confession boots. No OOTD though. =(

Makeup Used

1) Australis Brow Tint in Dark Brown (combed through brows)

1) Urban Decay Blackout (matte black shadow, applied on center of eye and blended outwards)
2) MAC Smolder (matte black kohl, lined upper and lower lashline)
3) Urban Decay Perversion mascara

1) Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Loose Mineral Powder in Cafe Breve

1) MAC Viva Glam I Lipstick (matte red brown lipstick)
2) OCC Starling Lip Tar (brick brown liquid lipstick)

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