The Neglected Series Part 7: Five Minute Face (and a haul!)

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‘The Neglected Series’  is where I will pull out rarely-used makeup from the dusty corners of my collection. It’s partly an exercise and challenge for my creativity, since I realise I haven’t been too creative with my colour palette lately and keep falling on the same old products. Digging through my stash is also a reminder for me to not buy new makeup since I already have plenty of things to play with. (Yes, this is what I’m trying to convince myself with.)

DSC01267 copy DSC01269 copy DSC01276 copy

Yes. I timed because I was running late. Still managed to slip two rarely-used products in so yay. I was really quick with the photos though, so I didn’t comb my hair (it is turning into a shaggy mop and desperately needs a cut) and for some reason my favourite expression this morning was a weird half smirk.

I actually didn’t mean to smudge my eyeliner, but I was doing all my makeup so quickly and the cream I’d put on my lids hadn’t properly absorbed, and then it just broke down the eyeliner. I smeared it a little with my finger to get a soft shadow on the lids, rather than just have it look like I didn’t apply my eyeliner properly in the morning. 

Neglected products

  • MAC Ravishing – I bought this lipstick at the duty-free last year when I was headed out to Indonesia. It’s a coral orange with a creamy finish and applies smoothly. I like that it brightens my lip color without being an obnoxious loud shade. I think this is a great lip colour for those who want to try oranges or corals but are still a little scared of loud colors. Only complaint I have is that it might be slightly drying, so moisturize your lips before applying this.
  • Painted Earth Baby Hint of Mint Lipgloss Lip Gloss in Mint Mauve – I received this free from Painted Earth Skincare (I still cry that they don’t ship outside of the US). This one’s a beautiful beautiful purpley brown shade with a gold shimmer. I love that it smells sharply of mint, is so smooth and moisturizes the lips.

Tricks for a quicker face – a few tricks to be able to speed up the makeup process: 

  • Black mascara on the eyebrows, instead of filling them in with gel or powder. Yes I know this only works if you have fairly full eyebrows to begin with, but this makes a huge difference to my brows as it darkens them (they have a weird grayish tint sometimes). I concentrate on the outer third of the brow, which is fairly sparse.
  • Double your blush and finishing powder. Hey every second counts right? And you don’t want to waste three reaching out for another product. I used Hourglass Mood Light Ambient Lighting Powder, buffed it more heavily on my cheeks for a light pink tint and then dusted it all over my face for a light glow.

DSC01265 copy

Makeup Used

1) Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer (spot treat face, mostly concealing acne)
2) Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Mineral Powder (buffed all over face)
3) Soap & Glory Thick and Fast mascara on eyebrows
4) MAC Ravishing lipstick (satin coral)
5) Painted Earth Mint Mauve Baby Hint of Mint lip gloss (mauve pink with gold shimmer)
6) Urban Decay Stag 24/7 Glide On Eyeliner (matte brown liner, blended out over lid with finger for light wash)
7) Hourglass Mood Light Ambient Lighting Powder (pale pink powder, dusted strongly on cheeks for blush, dusted all over face)



Yes I know the point to this series was to avoid buying new makeup but Sasa was having a sale and I’ve wanted theBalm’s Cindy-Lou Manizer and Mary-Lou Manizer for ages and have just been waiting for the right time to buy them. I suppose a celebration for finishing up deadlines is a pretty good one. XD This will not be a habit though. It must not. D=

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2 Responses to The Neglected Series Part 7: Five Minute Face (and a haul!)

  1. Juvy says:

    You are really doing your makeup fast. I just can’t! 😛 You’ll surely love the Mary-Lou Manizer! I had it for ages, and I haven’t hit pan yet. Love the glow it gives!

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