Victorian Doll

DSC01559 copyI like dressing up as Victorian dolls. Freudian thing I guess.  DSC01564 copy DSC01566 copy DSC01589 copy

I don’t know why I decided to do this high-mantainance look on. It’s nearing the end of the semester, I have many deadlines and I can’t stop watching Lisa Eldridge’s makeup videos. Which also means that I end up having many ideas and then jump to do them but I can’t right now because I’m supposed to be doing work. So when I do get the chance to do makeup I can’t decide what to do. Heh.

It’s been a while since I’ve used this many eyeshadows. I’ve fallen back in love with MAC Dazzlelight, which I love on the inner thirds of the eye as they give the perfect amount of shimmer for every day makeup. They also photograph beautifully.

And then I picked up this old mascara trick, which is to use the tip of the mascara wand after applying mascara normally and to wiggle through the lashes. This clumps your lashes in a very sixties doll-like effect. I also actually applied mascara on my bottom lashes (which I rarely ever do) and am amaze at the effect. Also, even though I spent a lot of time on my eye makeup today is it weird that I am more enamored by my lip and cheek makeup? I’ve been meaning to wear a plum lip for ages, and was at first worried that the red cheek would overwhelm the eye and lip makeup. I applied the tiniest amount of product and then stippled it out very lightly. I think the cheeks actually pulls the look all together. I can’t be the only person who feels this way right? Haha. I don’t know why I decided to do this high maintenance look on a day when it decides to storm.

Makeup Used

1) Urban Decay Sin Primer Potion (beige shimmer, patted all over lid)
2) bareMinerals Smash Hit Eyeshadow (matte peach pink, patted all over lid)
3) MAC Mulch Eyeshadow (satin warm wood brown, outer third of eye and lower lashline)
4) Urban Decay Oz (gold micro glitter, patted on center of lid)
5) MAC Dazzelight Eyeshadow (warm yellow-based beige shimmer, inner third of eye)
6) MAC Blacktrack Fluidline (matte black gel liner, upper lashline)
7) Urban Decay Perversion mascara (upper and lower lashes)

1) MAC Dipdown Fluidline (matte red brown)

1) Benefit High Beam liquid highlighter (pink pearl liquid, tops of cheekbones)
2) Happy Skin ZZ Cream Foundation (all over face)
3) Bobbi Brown Raspberry Pot Rogue (raspberry red rose cream, cheeks, blended out with stippling brush)
4) Guerlain UV Shield (translucent powder dusted all over face)

1) Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Broadest Berry (plum cream)
2) Painted Earth Baby Hint of Mint Lip Gloss in Mint Mauve (mauve with gold shimmer)

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