Goldie (and some tips for wearing makeup with glasses!)

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Makeup for glasses. Because I had an exam, and still felt the need to prettify myself. (I might have makeup addiction issues.) Picked a lot of gold tones for today’s makeup (therefore the title, I am so original, hoho). And yes, here are photos with me in glasses + makeup, which is a rare sight (I really didn’t want to put on contacts just to squint at my exam sheet.)

Also today’s happy makeup discovery! I used Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Diva Cream Lip and Cheek Colour as a blush colour (I usually use it as a contour). I was so pleasantly surprised to see what a wearable shade it is when sheered out! It’s a scary intense bronze inside of the pan and works well enough as a contour colour on me but when used as a blush… I mean look at how pretty and subtle it is!

Quick Makeup Tips for those wearing glasses:

  • CURL YOUR LASHES. Just so that your mascarad lashes don’t end up fluttering against your lenses. I am terrible at remembering to curl my lashes (yes I always skip this step) but actually remember to when I have my specs on.
  • Go for bright eyeshadow colours. Your glasses lens tend to ‘dim’ your face a little as they cast a shadow. It’s the perfect time to wear those bright eyeshadow colours you rarely reach out for as they’re going to be muted by your glasses.
  • Groom your brows. Because you need it to frame your face and balance your glasses, especially if you have the big black frames that are so popular today.
  • Wear a dramatic lip (bright corals, fuschias, reds, deep purples), if you don’t do very much for your eyes. It’s the perfect way to complement your dramatic specs, I feel.

Makeup Used:

1) Laneige 6-in-1 BB Cushion
2) MAC Dipdown (matte red brown gel, brows)
3) L’Oreal Gold Charge Colour Chrome Eyeliner (metallic gold, lined on eyes and blended with finger)
4) Benefit They’re Real Mascara (upper lashes)
5) Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Diva Cream Lip and Cheek Colour (metallic bronze)
6) Clinique Pom-A-Greatness Vitamin C Lip Smoothie (red lip tint)
7) Jordona Plush Plum Lip Liner (deep plum)
8) OCC Authentic Lip Tar (bronze with orange shimmer)

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6 Responses to Goldie (and some tips for wearing makeup with glasses!)

  1. I usually wear bright lipsticks or a bright blush when I wear my glasses, because putting mascara on my lashes will just make them hit the glasses which is so annoying!

    • natziwang says:

      Oh, I have to try it with a bright blush one day! Thanks for the tip. Hee yeah that’s what I curl my lashes for. And use a volumizing rather than lengthening mascara.

  2. atkokosplace says:

    Your tips are amazing! They are spot on! And you look fab in glasses! Best luck on your exams! Koko

  3. Olivia says:

    Mascara is pain in the a** with these glasses, so if I do wear it I’ll only apply it to the outer half of my lashes. Great tips, you’ve inspired me to wear more bright and bold lip colors 🙂

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