Game of Thrones Inspired Makeup

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Hello! It’s been a while since my last post. I used a lot more makeup than usual today. If you see my Instagram you’ll see I’ve been doing many three product faces lately.

So I’ve been on a Game of Thrones binge lately, now that exams are over. And I am so in love (again I did this last year when I watched it over the summer for the first time even did a shoot with this style of makeup). There are so many videos of how to get the looks out there but what I’ve mainly figured out the main features are:

  • Clean base with strong brows – this is like the first impression I got when I saw the faces, because the rest of the makeup is very subtle.
  • Beautiful highlighted glowing skin – Sansa, Shae, Daenerys always look like they’re glowing.
  • The younger characters like Sansa and Daenerys usually have a strong healthy pink flush, while it’s barely-there for more mature women like Shae and Cersei.
  • For the eyes, this MAC makeup artist put it best – that the face is very strong and harsh, but the eyes are soft and almost angelic. So very soft diffused neutral colour on the lids. Mostly I used eyeshadow to contour my eyes, mostly drawing from Michelle Phan’s tutorial.

I really really really love this style of makeup. It’s a good way to do a neutral not-too-fancy look. I think it’s so sophisticated. The colours could easily fall into the ‘boring’ category, but when you combine it with highlighted and heavily (but not too heavy Kardashian heavy) cheeks means you get something very sophisticated.

A lip stain or a creamy lipstick would probably work fine with this but I chose to layer just a hint of gloss on top of a matte lip. Also, my new Revlon Complex Matte Balm is my perfect nude now. Notice I said nude, not MLBB, because I have a very naturally red lip, and this neutralises the redness without me looking like a corpse a the end.

DSC02294 copy

Makeup Used

Eyes (used the Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette for Eyes Holiday Edition 2012)
1) Laura Mercier Kir Royal (plum, patted all over eye)
2) Laura Mercier Fresco (matte beige brown, outer third of eye)
3) Laura Mercier Truffle (matte chocolate brown, crease and blended)
4) Laura Mercier Sparkling Dew (shimmery off white, brow bone)
5) theBalm Mary Lou-Manizer (golden toned highlight, patted on lid)
6) UD Stag 24/7 Glide On Liner (matte dark brown)
7) UD Perversion mascara (upper lashes)

1) Australis Brow Tint in Dark Brown

1) Happy Skin ZZ Cream Foundation
2) Tarte Blushing Bride Cheek Stain (dewy pink cream, apples of cheeks)
3) Benefit Sugarbomb Box O’ Powders (plummy brown, contour cheeks)
4) theBalm Mary-Loumanizer  (beige highlight with golden tones, cheekbones)
5) Guerlain UV Shield Powder (translucent powder all over face)

1) Revlon Complex Matte Balm (matte beige)
2) MAC Viva Glam VI Lipglass (pink plum with gold shimmer)

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