Gothic Nightmare

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Lately I’ve been playing this PS4 game, “Bloodborne”. It is a terrifying terrifying game that makes my blood pressure sky rocket as I play it but I love it anyway.

Your character basically looks like it’s wandering around some kind of gothic Victorian penny dreadful inspired nightmare (my brother told me everything changes and gets darker as you keep playing so that’s wonderful *sarcasm*). I ended up wearing a short black dress with opaque black stockings and boots today like a gothic vampire hunter so I figured I’ll try to do makeup that matches.

I knew I wanted a smokey eye and a dark lip but I didn’t want to overdo it at the same time. I kept the focus on the lips, and applied a light taupe wash on the lids and smudged black eyeliner there.

I really need to set aside a day to do some heavy duty eye makeup though. I haven’t done an intensive smokey eye in a while, mostly because it’s been ridiculously hot lately and I am terrified it will melt on my face. My foundation tends to melt on my face as it is, and I’m constantly massaging it back in (this is why cream products are awesome).

DSC02323 copy

Makeup Used (Palette is Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette for Eyes Holiday Edition 2013):

1) Happy Skin ZZ Cream Foundation
2) Laura Mercier Fresco (matte brown, contoured cheeks)

1) Laura Mercier Bamboo (taupe grey satin, all over lids)
2) Urban Decay Zero 24/7 Glide On Liner (matte black, upper lashes)
3) Urban Decay Perversion mascara (upper lashes)

1) Jordona Plush Plum Lip Liner (matte plum liner)
2) Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 07 Dark Berry (metallic blackberry)
3) MAC Hang-Up Lipstick (creamy berry)

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8 Responses to Gothic Nightmare

  1. Juvy says:

    You rock whatever lip color you use! Dark lips will always be my fave. So classy and effortless. ❤️

  2. RS says:

    Totally get those melty eye-makeup feelings! You look super cute with that lipstick though 🙂 Bloodbourne sounds a bit too intense for me…I’ll stick with my lighter fantasy RPGs haha

  3. Hey there! I just tagged you to answer a tag! Check it out here:
    Have a lovely day xx

  4. Love this look. Suits you! 😊xo

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