Beating The Summer Heat

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This was Sunday’s makeup! As a Singaporean you’d think I have many many many posts that cover this topic, but shockingly I don’t.

Generally I like using my Laneige BB Cushion as it has high SPF and is mildly water resistant so it stays put on my face despite sweat. (It contains silicon though, so beware if you have easily clogged pores.) Cream blushes and cheek tints are good too as they cling to your skin and last longer than powder blushes and don’t cake up when you sweat (Tip: Cream products can be massaged back into the skin when you sweat, but powder products can’t.) So skip the powder blush and go for something like Benefit’s Benetint  (yes I am a convert) or Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rogues.

I cannot be bothered to put on eyeshadow for today (generally though you can trust MAC Paint Pots and Maybelline’s 24 Hour Eye Tattoos to stay on) but I still want colour on my face. Solution: coloured eyeliner. Instead of using a black liner, use jewel tones like deep blues, greens and purples, which are perfect for a subtle hint of colour. I used a purple for today and did a bit of a wing.

Products Used:

1) Laneige 6-in-1 BB Cushion
2) L’Oréal Violet Volt HIP Chrome Eyeliner
3) Urban Decay Perversion mascara
4) Australis Brow Tint in Dark Brown
5) Bobbi Brown Raspberry Pot Rogue
6) NYX Snow White Round Lipstick
7) MAC Spring Bean Lipglass

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4 Responses to Beating The Summer Heat

  1. lillynlilly says:

    Having lived in Singapore a couple of years back, I totally understand the need to wear makeup that doesn’t melt off! Great tips!! 🙂

  2. A says:

    How do you rub the product back it? Wouldn’t it just rub off because of the sweat+oil? Also, any tips on how to use a cream blusher? Have never used one before

    • natziwang says:

      Pat a little of your sweat off gently, and then rub the product back in. It’s also easy to layer on more product with your fingers, while you have to bring a brush with you if you want to touch up a powder blush.

      Cream blushes are so easily applied with your fingers! Just dot it on the apple of your cheeks and then slowly blend it out. Cream blushes always looks scarily pigmented when you first apply it, but looks very pretty once blended out.

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