Natzi’s Stash in 2016

It’s been a long long time since I touched this blog (eck). A few things.

I’m revamping it a little, because the old ‘LOTDs’ weren’t really doing anything. Also it’s about time I paid for an actual domain name. Does anyone have suggestions on what to do for the actual layout of the blog though? Does this work?

I’m going to continue with Instagram updates, placing LOTDs on Instagram, and will only upload them here if I took a particularly nice set of photographs/did some really elaborate look/ used tips/tricks I figured out/tried when I did it. Or if I took a particularly nice set of photographs.

My Facebook page will, as before, be used to promote blog and Instagram content, as well as sharing YouTube tutorials and other articles beauty related.

But I hope to do regular postings on the blog (three times a week minimum) that won’t just be LOTDs. The goals for 2016 are:

  • Finishing my Beginner Basics series
    I started this last year, as a guide for newbies looking to go into makeup. I got to brows, started a long post on eyeshadows and stopped there. D= About time I completed it.
  • More reviews (makeup, skincare, haircare)
    I’ve done a few informal things on my Instagram, telling myself that I’ll do up one for WordPress as well, but I just never got round to doing it. I shall, I shall, do proper reviews.
  • I want to branch out into fashion and OOTDs too (I do have a very nice wardrobe, if I may say so myself) but that’s always harder because you need a long suffering boyfriend who’ll help you take a million photographs until you get the right one.
  • Proper blogposts on trends – like a gallery and reflection with my thoughts sharing on different trends and the like, as well as tips and tricks on how to do them.
  • Start up my YouTube channel
    I’ve been saying I’ll do this for a while now that I was going to start a serious YouTube channel, and it really is about time that I actually start. Wish me luck!
Have a fantastic new year, everyone!

– – –

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