Haul: The first couple of weeks of 2016

Haul post! Hee. I’ve been incredibly undisciplined with the spending, but I’ll take it as a holiday cheer thing, and once I’m back in school I will have no more time for this nonsense.

2016-01-10 03.44.50 1.jpg

I picked this set up from the airport because I was looking for a new mascara, then decided to try out a new brow mascara as well. The L’Oreal Travel Exclusive Irresistibly Dolly Look has three items: the Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara, the L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper in Dark Brown/Medium Brown, and the Rouge Caresse Lipstick in Aphrodite Scarlet. I tried out the mascara and am already pretty pleased with it, and the Brow Artist Plumper is supposed to be a dupe for the incredibly effective, and incredibly expensive Benefit Gimme Brow.

2016-01-10 03.44.49 1.jpg

I finally got hold of six empty MAC products, that I could take to MAC and exchange for a brand new lipstick, part of its ‘Back to MAC’ recycling program. I was pretty stumped on what lipstick to get (currently going through an eye makeup phase, not a lip one) so it took me a while to figure out what to get. I then realized I don’t have a true orange lipstick (the best I have is OCC Psycho Lip Tar, an orange red) so I went with Monrange.

2016-01-13 04.02.29 1.jpg

And finally, my items from Sabbatical Beauty arrived! Sabbatical Beauty’s an up and coming (or exploding) skincare brand that’s done by academic Adeline Koh. Frustrated by how so many skincare products sell a certain magic ingredient, but only use a tiny portion of it in the actual product, she started to start up her own line. Reviews so far have been incredibly positive (my favourite remains “You know the Sabbatical Beautyproducts must work, given Adeline’s skin and HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT SHE EATS.”). I’d ordered two sampler sets (Shine Bright Like a Diamond serum set and the Revive: The Sabbatical Beauty Routine Sampler set) and a full sized bottle of Marine serum, as that’s supposed to be really effective for acne and oily skin.

Austerity starts now, going to cut down on the products I own (unless mould starts growing on everything and I have to replace my collection D=)

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