#20daylipstickchallenge Day 9

This series was inspired by the lovelies Juvy from Plump Cheeks, Rae from Scatterbraintures and Elaine from Flabs Rule. They started the new year with the #20daylipstickchallenge. Do check out their blogs for awesome lipstick suggestions! I’ll be doing one lipstick every day I can (or at least on all the days I wear makeup). 

2016-01-20 11.32.40 1.jpg
Day 9: Favourite Matte Lipstick
Mattes these days are being revamped. My first introduction to a matte lipstick was MAC Ruby Woo, and even though it does gives that gorgeous red carpet scarlet lip, the thing is impossible to put on without a healthy coating of lip balm underneath. It tugs hard at the skin, and leaves your lips parched as the Sahara after. As much as I loved it, it just wasn’t cutting it for me. The same applied to other amazing lip creams I used from Sephora. Revlon Matte Balm, though it applies beautifully, still does leave my lip slightly dry, and the color range is pretty limited.
Enter Urban Decay’s Matte Revolution lipstick line.The Matte Revolutions (and other new formulas like Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Mattes) don’t have a perfectly matte texture (Temptalia calls it a ‘semi-matte’). It looks and feels a lot like a cream, really, but is slightly matter than most cream finishes.

I stared at swatches of 1993 for ages through my screen (I mean, it’s my birth year, how could I not sit up when I heard this name), but it always seemed to be sold out in stores, and I had just bought MAC Taupe, so I thought that it wouldn’t be a really good idea to buy another brown lipstick. Then Urban Decay had a Black Friday sale (15% off! That’s as good as sales get for makeup in Singapore) and I caved and I bought 1993. Since then, it’s been a constant in my makeup purse.
1993 is a beautiful color on its own; a deep warm brown with rosy undertones. I also love layering it on top of red lipsticks as well to get a nice warm red.
Today I used it with a coral blush on the cheeks, which I also applied to the lids for a light flush of color. I was tempted to go with a browner blush, like Benefit Rockateur, but decided that coral leaned close enough in the color family with 1993 and didn’t want to look all that monochromatic. I actually really like the look; its so light on the skin, and looks so fresh.
Everyone seems to be going through a matte phase right now; it’s dominating the shelf. What’s your favourite matte lipstick? Share below!
2016-01-20 11.32.39 1.jpg
Processed with VSCOProcessed with VSCO
Makeup Used:
Face: Laneige BB Cushion, Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder
Brows: MAC Dipdown Fluidline
Eyes: Urban Decay Original Primer Potion, MAC Ripe For Love, MAC Photograuvure Technakohl, L’Oreal Mega Volume Miss Manga mascara
Cheeks: MAC Ripe For Love, Becca Wild Honey Mineralize Blush
Lips: Urban Decay 1993 Matte Revolution Lipstick

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