#20daylipstickchallenge Day 13

2016-01-29 12.45.47 1.jpg
Day 13 Summer color: MAC CB96  
Given that I live in an island of perpetual hot sunny weather, you’d think it would be a little harder for me to pick out my perfect summer color. I was debating for a while about Happy Skin’s Summer Crush Shut Up and Kiss Me Lippie (which is another gorgeous shade that deserves a post all on its own) but then I realized I had to talk about MAC CB96 (I’ve even written a full review on it before).
From its tube, it looks like a scary bright vivid orange. However, being from MAC’s Frost line, it’s somewhat sheer, and the orange shade is lightened by the gorgeous gold frost in this (it’s such a pity that my camera doesn’t better capture the gold, but you can kind of see the gold highlight on my lip). This is one of those colors that will look very different from person to person, depending on how deep your natural lip color is (my lips are quite naturally red so it turns out quite a lovely coral).

I actually meant to do a graphic liner look, somehow ended up reaching for my Lime Crime Venus Palette instead. The eyeshadow is a lot smudgier than I remembered, and it’s been a while since I’ve used Benefit’s ChaCha Tint so I forgot how pigmented it could get, and so my blush (and my highlighter) is seriously intense. In fact, this is a waaaaaay more intense makeup than I initially planned on putting on, but oh well. It’s all going to melt in the summer heat anyway.
2016-01-29 12.45.50 1.jpg2016-01-29 12.45.51 1 (1).jpg2016-01-29 12.45.53 2.jpg
Makeup Used:
Brows: MAC Dipdown Fluidline, L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper in Medium Brown/Dark Brown
Base: Laneige BB Cushion, Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer
Eyes: NYX Cashmere Jumbo Stick, Lime Crime Creation, Muse, Aura, L’Oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss liquid liner, L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara
Cheeks: Benefit ChaCha Tint, Benefit High Beam, Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick #5
Lips: MAC CB96
Finishing Powder: Guerlain UV Shield

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