Review: Hair Inc. @ Serangoon Village

2016-04-06 01.26.39 2.jpg

Repost from my Instagram as I basically wrote an essay on how much I love my hair, and it needs to be shared.

Because I do not talk about my hair nearly enough (even though every day I am a little more awed about its glory), here is a dedicated post on it.
So I went by Hair Inc a month ago looking for Jameson. I’d been stalking his Instagram feed since he joined @hairincsg, and it had been about three months since I’d had my hair done in the salon. In that period of time, I’d touched up my hair myself with Manic Panic dyes, and also had a friend bleach my roots at home. It did not end well, and my hair was left patchy looking; half my roots were bleached the colour of my scalp (I looked like I was balding) and the other half were still a dark brown. I needed professional help, desperately.
I basically told Jameson he could do whatever he wanted to my hair, as long as he fixed it. He told me that he was going to give an ombre – purple at the roots, red at the end – to solve the patchiness. He then mixed up the Pravana Vivids (which I had used back in September to get a glorious flaming red) with the new Pravana Black to get deep purples and reds.
Now, I’m not a stranger to gothic reds, but the Pravana Black left a kind of smokiness to the hair that was really different from the last few times I did dark red to my hair. I actually wasn’t entirely sure I liked it when I first got it done – I’m so used to vivid flaming scarlets. After a few washes, the complexity of the coloures used really started coming out and that was when I really started to love the piece of art that is my hair.
It’s been a month since my visit and this is how the colour looks right now. It went from a deep rich wine and burgundy to a dark amethyst and a rusty red. The Pravana Black adds a kind of smokiness to the colour so it doesn’t look like a washed out pastel, or faded hair that is in desperate need of a touch up (I’m very particular about the last part). Even my mother (who is not a fan of anything that is not brown or black hair) approves of this.
10/10 Hair Inc, I can’t wait for my next visit. This time, I’m thinking of a ruby red.

Also, if you’re interested, here’s the progression of my hair throughout the month:

Week 1 starts out a really dark deep colour. It wasn’t quite gothic, and was definitely more purple toned than the hair I’m used to.


In week 2 you can see how it’s faded out some. The roots are more purple than black now, and the red is becoming a bit more prominent.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Week 3 and you see how the colours are more pastel than they are jewel-toned.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 7.26.20 PM

And finally how it is now:

2016-04-06 01.26.43 1.jpg

Hair Inc has two branches, one in Serangoon Gardens and the other in Holland Village.

Facebook | Website | Price list Price list 

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2 Responses to Review: Hair Inc. @ Serangoon Village

  1. belinda says:

    How much did you pay at hair inc?

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