Review: K’s Magic Lens

I was at Orchard Cineleisure the other day, and saw passed by the shop at  Level 2.  It’s been a while since I’ve worn colour contacts, and the amazing seller I was going to on Instagram has stopped her business. I was thinking of going to Freshlook or Acuve from any random optician, but decided to give this a go. It was a bit of a risk as there aren’t very many reviews online, and the shop doesn’t have photographs of what the lens look on the actual eye. The website does though, so you might want to check that out before buying anything. I find that the photographs aren’t the most helpful though, as the flash they use when taking those photographs make the lens look a lot more unnatural than they actually look in person.


By the way, these are circle lens from Korea. Circle lens are really popular in Asia, which are contact lens that cover your iris, as well as the area outside of it. As a result, they make your eyes look larger. I’m not a fan of the too-big ones, and don’t get any beyond 14.5mm in diameter. (Click here if you want to read more about circle lens.)

The lens are between $40-$50 for a pair, which will last you six months. That’s quite pricey, especially since I paid $20 for the last pair I bought, and you can get much much cheaper online, but I figure I better not risk the eyes, right? They were having a promotion, any 2 lens for $80, so I bought two pairs of the $50 ones, Kakao Mint Ash and Kakao Gold. You can go for a monthly cleaning at the store, which is a great perk. Also, I like the contact lens cases you get with them, aren’t they cute? They come with a mirror and little tweezers.

File_001.jpegKakao Gold

File_002.jpegKakao Ash Mint

They’re pretty comfortable on. As the colour isn’t as opaque as the lens that I previously wore, they don’t feel as thick on either. You can see that the colour is all in the outer radius, and is actually pretty subtle when in the eye, I barely notice them except in bright light.

Here’s Kakao Gold!

Kakao Gold zoomed in

Kakao Gold full face 2

And Kakao Ash Mint!

Kakao Ash Mint zoomed in

Kakao Ash Mint full face

I wasn’t actually sure if I’d like Ash Mint, but I really really liked it when I wore it out today, even more than the Gold. The Gold is pretty and makes me look like I have hazel eyes, and enlarges my eyes subtly, but the Ash Mint is just sooooo pretty.

I haven’t had any issues with itchiness or dryness, and I’ve worn each lens for at about seven hours each, so not a full day of twelve hours yet. I’d suggest you keep eyedrops on hand anyway.

Would I repurchase? Yes, in about six months. Meanwhile, expect me to use these a lot. XD

K’s Magic Lens is at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard #02-18/19. Website | Facebook

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