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Review: Hair Inc. @ Serangoon Village

Repost from my Instagram as I basically wrote an essay on how much I love my hair, and it needs to be shared. Because I do not talk about my hair nearly enough (even though every day I am a … Continue reading

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Natzi’s Stash in 2016

It’s been a long long time since I touched this blog (eck). A few things. I’m revamping it a little, because the old ‘LOTDs’ weren’t really doing anything. Also it’s about time I paid for an actual domain name. Does … Continue reading

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Cara (and some updates)

This one was inspired by Michelle Phan’s Cara Delevinge makeup ¬†transformation tutorial. I loved how she used one eyeshadow and blended it in beautifully. Unfortunately, she’s a lot tanner and warmer than I am, so she can blend all these … Continue reading

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