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Review: Sabbatical Beauty

Hello! It’s been a really long time since my last post. Today I want to finally get around to writing on Sabbatical Beauty, a skincare brand I’ve been in love with for the last six months. This is a long long long … Continue reading

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Beginner Basics: Skincare 101

I’ve done a loads of writing so far on skincare (10,000 words and counting) but I get that not everyone wants to start on a 10-step regime. So this is a post for those currently not doing anything to their … Continue reading

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Haul: The first couple of weeks of 2016

Haul post! Hee. I’ve been incredibly undisciplined with the spending, but I’ll take it as a holiday cheer thing, and once I’m back in school I will have no more time for this nonsense. I picked this set up from the … Continue reading

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What Are You Putting In Your Skin? (Part 1 of an unknown number of future posts)

If this post seems familiar, that’s because it was the second half of my post The Korean Skincare Regime Explained. The whole thing came up to a 2.1k word essay, so I decided to split the two into more manageable … Continue reading

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The Korean Skincare Regime Explained

Products I use regularly in my skincare regime. Not pictured here: Body lotions, facial wash, cleansing oil, and my Clarisonic. So in my post about my Korean skincare regime, I gave a general overview of I was doing, as well … Continue reading

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How I Use the Clarisonic MIA 2

I bought the Clarisonic MIA 2 all the way back in March this year. If you’ve been reading my blogposts on my skincare series, you’d know that I was struggling with adult acne and lots of cystic acne when I … Continue reading

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My Skincare Journey: Part 3 Korean Skincare Regime

Part 1 | Part 2 This post is about my current skincare routine.  Part 1 talks about teenage acne, and part 2 about adult acne.  So I got into this Korean skincare thing some time in the last week of October, when … Continue reading

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